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Matrix DC Motor / Brushless DC Motor Pair  HP2001  Basics of Automotive Electricity                 LK2240

 The HP2001 DC motor/brushless motor pair allows students to study the concepts of motors and generators.   This level 1 course allows students to understand the key concepts that underpin automotive electricity. Each   MIAC NXT
 The HP2001 consists of a 24V DC motor coupled to a 24V brushless three phase motor with integral brushless   worksheet provided includes an introduction to the topic under investigation, step by step instructions for the
 motor driver module. The two motors are coupled together but the rotating parts are contained under a clear   investigation that follows and a summary of the significance of the results. A pattern that is followed through
 plastic tube so that no rotating parts are exposed. The system can be driven both ways: A DC voltage between   all of the Locktronics worksheets used to deliver the courses in our automotive range.
 0V and 24V can be applied to the DC motor and the Brushless DC motor then generates three phase electricity.
 Conversely the Brushless motor can be driven with 24V and a single analogue voltage control signal and the
 DC motor acts as a DC generator.                                                                                   LOCKTRONICS


                                                                                 ANSI version also available LK2240A
 This permanently coupled Brushless motor
 and DC motor on a platform is required for
 study of the following kits:                   LEARNING OBJECTIVES & EXPERIMENTS:
 LK8170 Automotive fault finding (final
 worksheets only)                              •  Ohm’s law                     •  Switches
 LK2410 Automotive motors, generators &        •  Voltage power                 •  Solenoids and principles of relays
 charging systems                              •  Current –DC                   •  A complete solution to learning
 LK5281 Automotive high voltage battery        •  Resistance                    •  Includes carriers, baseboard and
 circuits                                      •  Magnetism                       power supply
                                               •  Electromagnetism              •  Includes worksheets with teacher’s
                                               •  Electrical units and symbols    notes
                                               •  Electrical terminology
                                               •  DC motors

                                                                        Additional Instruments Required. See Page 19

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