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View Global Options

To preview any of these settings simply click the 'Preview' button at the bottom of the window.

Flowchart Tab

This tab contains the settings for changing the appearance of the flowchart. This includes font options, icon colors and graphics, background colors and patterns etc.

Annotation Tab

All the settings on this tab relate to the annotations on the flowchart. Including icon text and descriptions as well as annotation and tooltip styles.

Application Tab

Settings here affect the look and feel of the overall program. You can change skin presets which changes the general look of Flowcode, it also offers options tab options, the ability to print in color as well as add icon comments to C code and change web access settings.

Override Language

Allows the user to override the default Flowcode language settings and to display Flowcode in the specified language. Select the language from those available on the drop down list and restart Flowcode to see the new language. Note: The relevant language packs need to be installed for Flowcode to enable that particular language. See for available languages.

Locations Tab

Allows you to control the target directory that Flowcode compiles to by default and also allows you to include directories for Flowcode to search when looking for components and dictionaries.

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