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LED Board EB004

EB004 LED Board

More information can be found here.

EB004 LED Board Block Diagram

  • Click EB004-30-2 for the datasheet.
  • The male D-type connector fits into the Female connector of one of the ports of an upstream board.
  • LED D0 and its series resistor R0 will be connected to pin 1 of the Male D-type connector
  • The series resistor is here to control the current that will flow from PICmicro to the LED.
    • A LED usually has an Imax of 20mA
    • The PICmicro has an Imax of 25mA (sink or source)
    • The LED has a Forward Voltage drop of 1.7V
    • In this case the 560 Ohm resistor will limit the current at:
      • (5V-1.7V)/560 Ohm= 5.9mA
      • This is well under the current limits of both PICmicro and LED
  • The Female connector is here to connect several boards in parallel. Be ware of the total current limit of the PICmicro if you do so.

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