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E-blocks Projects

Upstream and downstream boards can be snapped together to form a complete electronic system like this fully working mobile phone:

E-blocks are compatible with a wide range of sensors and accessories which allows you to build a very wide variety of systems. Here are some other examples:

This graphic shows an ElectroCardioGram (ECG) system that can be used to show heart rate waveforms on a PC. The system consists of: a PICmicro Multiprogrammer, a sensor board with ECG sensor fitted, an LCD display, a keypad, and an RS232 board that facilitates a connection to the PC.

This is an electronic bug using mobile phone technology. A small patch board contains a microphone and amplifier that feeds into a Sony GSM module with SIM card. A PICmicro Multiprogrammer is used to detect an incoming call and then channel local sound to the incoming caller who can then hear what is going on in the room. Keypad and LCD allow various set ups with dial out at pre-determined times.

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