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How E-blocks Connect to Each Other

E-blocks are built on a bus-based concept. Each E-block D-type connector consists of 8 bits and ground - 9 connections in total.

In the E-blocks system it is important to understand which E-blocks are upstream and which are downstream because each uses different connectors - upstream devices connect using 9 way D-type sockets, and downstream devices connect to E-blocks using 9 way D-type plugs.

This combination works remarkably well as most system topologies require upstream devices to connect directly to downstream ones.

The following diagram shows the connections that can be made to the plugs and sockets. On each connector bit 0 is on pin 1, bit 7 is on pin 8 and pin 9 is designated 0V.

Where two upstream devices need to be connected together a gender changer or Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC) cable with two IDC sockets on can be used.

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Page last modified on August 19, 2011, at 03:59 PM