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In some circumstances it is advisable to only allow access to certain parts of the E-blocks boards. This includes situations where settings or chip selections made on E-blocks do not want changing, where there is a chance of vandalism, or where there is a chance of theft of components on the E-blocks themselves.

To facilitate this clear acrylic covers are available for all E-blocks as you can see here with the USB PICmicro microcontroller Multiprogrammer :

These are mounted onto E-blocks with 25mm M3 bolts and 10mm spacers using the same grid of holes that are used for mounting the E-blocks to the backplane. The following cross section diagram shows how this is done:

The tight fitting clear acrylic covers add considerable strength to each E-block as well as making them - to some extent - tamper proof.

The exception to this is the switch board which, because the switches are relatively short, requires the spacers to be replaced with M3 lock nuts before the cover is put into place. This can be seen in the following diagram:

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