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What Is a PICmicro

The name PIC, (Peripheral Interface Controller), refers to a group of microcontrollers, produced by Arizona Microchip.

PIC16F84 PICmicro microcontroller

As its name suggests, a microcontroller is a tiny device used to control other electronic devices.

They are found in a huge range of products:

  • Your car engine is controlled by one.
  • So are the anti-lock brakes and the climate control.
  • Any device that has a remote control almost certainly contains a microcontroller.
  • TVs, VCR's, digital cameras, mobile phones, printers, microwave ovens, dishwashers, washing machines...

So what is this wonderful device?

A microcontroller is a digital integrated circuit, and consists of:

  • central processing unit
  • memory
  • input ports
  • output ports

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