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Here, you will find a range of instruments, which allow you to easily debug, test and prove the performance of your electronic system. The products you can see here are the same as our own development engineers use for developing our own products. For all instruments we have included cables and accessories to ensure you get the best possible deal.

Picture of ZigBee USB analyser


Picture of Multimeter


Picture of Benchtop signal generator pack



Picture of 5MHz PC based oscilloscope/signal generator pack


Picture of 25MHz PC based oscilloscope/signal generator pack


Picture of TTI PL155-P SCADA Power Supply



Picture of TTI TG5011A - SCADA Function Generator


Picture of AVR Programmer


Picture of Flowcode Test Bundle (Hardware)



Picture of Flowkit V2


Picture of Flowkit V2 Arduino shield


Picture of CAN analyser




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