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E-Blocks are small circuit boards each of which contains a block of electronics that you would typically find in an electronic or embedded system. There are More than 50 separate circuit boards in the range; from simple LED boards to more complex boards like device programmers, Bluetooth and TCP/IP.

E-blocks can be snapped together to form a wide variety of systems that can be used for teaching/learning electronics and for the rapid prototyping of complex electronic systems. Separate ranges of complementary software, curriculum, sensors, and applications information are available.

E-blocks support a number of programmable devices from the PIC, dsPIC, PIC24, ARM, AVR and Altera FPGA families. Communications standards supported include SPI, RS232, I2C, TCP/IP, USB, LIN, CAN, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS, ZigBee, RFID, MIDI, IrDA, RF(ISM), RC5, RS485 and more.

Picture of E-blocks sensor interface


Picture of E-blocks LED board


Picture of E-Blocks LCD board


£15.00   £17.50

Picture of E-blocks RS232 board


£15.00   £27.93
Picture of E-Blocks Prototype board


Picture of E-blocks patch board kit



Picture of E-blocks IDC cable


£2.50   £4.04
Picture of E-blocks CAN bus board


Picture of E Blocks Midi interface


£15.00   £19.55

Picture of E-blocks internet board


Picture of E-blocks Bluetooth board


Picture of E-blocks terminal board



Picture of E-blocks AVR microcontroller multiprogrammer


Picture of E blocks voice CODEC board


Picture of E-blocksPS2/VGA board


£10.00   £16.70

Picture of E-Blocks MMC card reader board


Picture of E-blocks USB 232 board


£13.00   £23.13
Picture of E-blocks ARM microcontroller programmer



Picture of E-blocks relay board


Picture of E-blocks CAN Bus Faults board


£12.00   £21.95
Picture of E-blocks Opto-isolater board


£10.00   £19.58

Picture of E-blocks Zigbee coordinator board


Picture of E-Blocks Zigbee router board


Picture of E-blocks PASCO sensor board


£10.00   £29.35

Picture of E-blocks USB interface board


Picture of E-blocks GPS board


£40.00   £83.50
Picture of E-blocks Servo board



Picture of E-blocks RC5 Infrared board


Picture of E-blocks ISM-band RF board with 433 module


£30.00   £46.83
Picture of E-blocks ISM-band RF board with 868 module


£30.00   £50.00

Picture of E-blocks ISM-band RF board with 915 module


£30.00   £46.28
Picture of E-blocks motion sensor board


£20.00   £39.75
Picture of E-blocks basic Sensors board


£12.00   £17.68

Picture of E-blocks GSM board


Picture of E-blocks rotary encoder board


Picture of E-blocks slide switch board



Picture of ZIF socket programmer adaptor


Picture of Raspberry Pi expansion module with cable.


Picture of Raspberry Pi expansion board and case kit



Picture of DSP Output Board


£25.00   £46.90
Picture of E-blocks gLCD display module


£2.50   £8.63
Picture of E-blocks gLCD board


£15.00   £33.58

Picture of E-blocks CAP Touch Board


Picture of E-Blocks Development Board and EB006 Combo


Picture of E-Blocks Combo Board


£30.00   £40.00

Picture of E-blocks AVR development board combo


Picture of USB prototype board


£12.00   £22.00
Picture of USB project board



Picture of E-blocks sensors mother board


Picture of EB006 PIC multiprogrammer version 9


£50.00   £60.00
Picture of dsPIC Ghost Board



Picture of E-blocks Arduino Mega Shield


Picture of E-blocks Arduino Uno Shield


Picture of E-blocks DC Motor Speed Trainer



Picture of DC Motor Angle Position Trainer


Picture of E-Blocks FET Motor Driver Board


Picture of Development board and Arduino shield combo



Picture of Flowkit V2


Picture of Flowkit V2 Arduino shield


Picture of PIC development centre with printed base plate



Picture of Arduino development centre with printed base plate


Picture of E-Blocks push-to-make switch board


Picture of E-Blocks Dual 7-segment display



Picture of E-Blocks IR/irDA transceiver board


£17.00   £38.00
Picture of E-Blocks SPI bus D/A and memory board


Picture of E-Blocks keypad board



Picture of E-Blocks RS485 board


Picture of DSP Input board


£25.00   £46.90
Picture of E-Blocks LED array board



Picture of E-Blocks FPGA board


Picture of Development board and Raspberry Pi interface combo


Picture of PIC development centre kit



Picture of Christmas tree kit


£15.00   £19.99
Picture of E-Blocks wireless LAN board V2



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