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E-Blocks are small circuit boards each of which contains a block of electronics that you would typically find in an electronic or embedded system. There are More than 50 separate circuit boards in the range; from simple LED boards to more complex boards like device programmers, Bluetooth and TCP/IP.

E-blocks can be snapped together to form a wide variety of systems that can be used for teaching/learning electronics and for the rapid prototyping of complex electronic systems. Separate ranges of complementary software, curriculum, sensors, and applications information are available.

E-blocks support a number of programmable devices from the PIC, dsPIC, PIC24, ARM, AVR and Altera FPGA families. Communications standards supported include SPI, RS232, I2C, TCP/IP, USB, LIN, CAN, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS, ZigBee, RFID, MIDI, IrDA, RF(ISM), RC5, RS485 and more.

Picture of E-blocks LED board


£2.10   £10.35
Picture of E-blocks RS232 board


£12.00   £27.93
Picture of E-blocks IDC cable


£1.50   £4.04

Picture of E-blocks CAN bus board


£10.00   £22.95
Picture of E Blocks Midi interface


£7.00   £19.55
Picture of E-blocks terminal board


£2.40   £5.72

Picture of Male to Male IDC connector


£2.50   £4.04
Picture of E blocks voice CODEC board


£20.00   £100.00
Picture of E-blocksPS2/VGA board


£6.70   £16.70

Picture of E-Blocks MMC card reader board


£10.00   £25.05
Picture of E-blocks USB 232 board


£9.00   £23.13
Picture of E-blocks ARM microcontroller programmer



Picture of E-blocks relay board


£7.30   £22.49
Picture of E-blocks CAN Bus Faults board


£9.00   £21.95
Picture of E-blocks Opto-isolater board


£7.80   £19.58

Picture of E-blocks application board


£10.00   £27.23
Picture of E-blocks RFID


£36.00   £60.00
Picture of E-blocks PASCO sensor board


£10.00   £29.35

Picture of E-blocks USB interface board


£4.00   £9.94
Picture of E-blocks GPS board


£25.00   £83.50
Picture of E-blocks RC5 Infrared board


£6.50   £20.68

Picture of E-blocks ISM-band RF board with 433 module


£15.00   £46.83
Picture of E-blocks ISM-band RF board with 868 module


£15.00   £50.00
Picture of E-blocks ISM-band RF board with 915 module


£15.00   £46.28

Picture of E-blocks Cable Male-Male 500mm


£2.50   £4.04
Picture of E-blocks motion sensor board


£12.00   £39.75
Picture of E-blocks basic Sensors board


£7.00   £17.68

Picture of E-blocks rotary encoder board


£5.00   £22.25
Picture of E-blocks slide switch board


£5.00   £17.65
Picture of ZIF socket programmer adaptor


£40.00   £70.00

Picture of Raspberry Pi expansion module with cable.


£6.00   £30.00
Picture of Raspberry Pi expansion board and case kit


£14.00   £35.00
Picture of DSP Output Board


£10.00   £46.90

Picture of E-blocks gLCD display module


£3.50   £8.63
Picture of E-blocks gLCD board


£10.00   £33.58
Picture of E-blocks CAP Touch Board


£4.00   £10.25

Picture of E-Blocks Combo Board


£15.00   £40.00
Picture of E-blocks AVR development board combo


Picture of Potentiometer sensor module


£3.00   £4.85

Picture of Thermistor sensor module


£2.00   £4.00
Picture of Dual trimmer sensor module


£1.50   £3.50
Picture of Rotary encoder sensor module


£2.50   £5.28

Picture of Thermocouple sensor module


£3.00   £5.38
Picture of Gyroscope sensor module


£5.75   £15.38
Picture of Hall effect sensor module


£1.50   £3.28

Picture of Passive infrared (PIR) sensor module


£5.00   £14.30
Picture of Capacative touch pads sensor module


£1.10   £2.50
Picture of Capacitive touch slider sensor module


£1.10   £2.50

Picture of Magnetometer sensor module


£4.00   £10.43
Picture of Humidity sensor module


£5.00   £9.93
Picture of Colour sensor module


£6.00   £19.38

Picture of USB prototype board


£12.00   £22.00
Picture of USB project board


Picture of E-blocks IDC cable - short (120mm)


£3.40   £6.83

Picture of E-blocks Arduino Mega Shield


£9.00   £17.54
Picture of E-blocks Arduino Uno Shield


£6.00   £16.32
Picture of E-Blocks FET Motor Driver Board


£14.00   £39.88

Picture of Development board and Arduino shield combo


Picture of Flowkit V2


Picture of Flowkit V2 Arduino shield



Picture of Arduino development centre with printed base plate


Picture of E-Blocks push-to-make switch board


£3.10   £10.25
Picture of E-Blocks Dual 7-segment display


£5.00   £11.00

Picture of E-Blocks IR/irDA transceiver board


£15.00   £38.00
Picture of E-Blocks SPI bus D/A and memory board


£7.60   £28.45
Picture of E-Blocks keypad board


£5.50   £12.77

Picture of E-Blocks RS485 board


£5.00   £14.38
Picture of DSP Input board


£10.00   £46.90
Picture of E-Blocks LED array board


£10.00   £29.38

Picture of Development board and Raspberry Pi interface combo


Picture of Christmas tree kit


Picture of Digital temperature sensor module


£1.75   £4.25


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