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Electronic Workstation

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The Electronic Workstation meets all your power and instrumentation needs for electronics education and prototyping in one self contained, easily portable unit.

With a small desktop footprint and ergonomic design and low cost, the workstation presents a valuable addition to any electronics lab.

The Electronic workstation includes a 12V, 5V, and -12V power supply and a host of virtual instruments in a small desktop package. The instruments include: 2 channel analogue oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, arbitrary waveform generator (HP673, HP756 only), 8 channel digital analyser with serial bus decoding, and customisable 8 channel PC interface.

The workstation includes a USB hub that links all the virtual instruments to your PC, and a spare USB output is presented on the back of the unit for further USB connection. The USB connectivity lets you use a PC to monitor, store, display and recall multiple measurements from your electronic system that can help you debug your design, and monitor its performance. The workstation is supplied with 2 oscilloscope probes, a digital multimeter, 8 x 2mm connector to test probe leads, and various other leads that allow the workstation to be connected to the E-blocks range of equipment.

Main photo: Electronic workstation being used with E-blocks to create a communication solution.

Electronics workstation User Guide
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Resource Date Version (Old) Type
HP4810 Protostation User Guide2011-08-111   pdf.jpg Icon
Introduction to the Estation2011-04-051   vid.gif Icon
MX001 - USB Mouse Control2011-04-051   article.gif Icon
Workstation User Guide 20122012-02-281   pdf.jpg Icon


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