Matrix - EB006 - Port A Pins not working

EB006 - Port A Pins not working

Hardware : EB006 MultiProgrammer Board all versions

Symptoms :

Port A pins either do not work or are acting unexpectedly.

Cause :

If a PICmicro has Analogue inputs or comparators these are on by default and need to be turned of for the pins to be used for Digital i/o.

Solution :

Changes to your C programs
For some PICmicro devices other than the PIC16F84, certain extra capabilities of the chip may be turned on by default.

For example the PIC16F87x series have analogue capability on PORTA which is enabled by default, meaning that PORTA cannot be used for digital I/O unless this analogue capability is specifically disabled within your own code by setting the ADCON1 register to 0x06.

Similarly, the PIC16F627 device has an analogue comparator function on PORTA which should be turned off by setting the CMCON register to 0x07.

You may need to consult the Device datasheet for the exact code details specific to your PICmicro device.
Note: Flowcode handles this issue automatically.

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2015-03-31 12:11
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