Matrix - Formula Flowcode Motor and Gearbox problems

Formula Flowcode Motor and Gearbox problems

Hardware : HP629 Formula Flowcode Micromouse

Symptoms :

One of the wheels is sticking or is harder to turn then normal.

Cause :

Looking at the gearing of a problematic buggy, there was a little fragment of black plastic wedged in the nylon gears.

Solution :

After removing the fragment of plastic the gear train runs very free and easy.

I recommend that any customers who are having problems with the micromouse's motors or gearing to do the following.

1) Remove the top PCB from the Chassis using the 4 self tapping screws.
2) Remove the lid of the gear box cover using the 4 screws on the chassis.
3) Check the gears carefully for burrs, blemishes, fragments etc
4) Apply a small amount of grease to the gears to aid the movement
5) Reassemble your buggy and your motor / gear functionality should be greatly improved (probably better then new as the gears on new chassis' are not greased)
6) Make sure that the gearbox cover is fitted back in place correctly and then screwed on tight. Most of the motor problems arise from this cover being loose or poorly fitted.

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2015-03-31 12:21
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