Matrix - Cant erase, auto-id or program PICmicro

Cant erase, auto-id or program PICmicro

Hardware : EB006 - PICmicro Multiprogrammer

Symptoms :

Cant erase, auto-id or program PIC

Cause :

A very specific set of circumstances could cause auto-id, erase or programming failures when using a 16F87 or 16F88 device.
(a) The board is in XT mode
(b) The 16F88 cfg word has previously been set to use an internal MCLR
(c) The 16F88 is currently running a program that sets RB6 or RB7 as high o/p's.

Solution :

(1) Set the board to RC mode
(2) Attempt to reprogram the device
(3) Reset the board to XTAL mode

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2015-03-31 12:09
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