Matrix - Attaching a Bluetooth Device to Win 7 PC

Attaching a Bluetooth Device to Win 7 PC

To communicate your PC with a MIAC Bluetooth module you will need a Bluetooth enabled device on your PC.
Firstly find the "Devices and Printers" section within the Windows 'Start Menu':


Secondly click on the Add devices button (your Bluetooth device should be present in this menu too):



The next window that pops up should show all available devices which have been enabled for pairing, the MIAC module by default is shown like the picture below, with the last 6 characters of its module ID shown.



Once the device has been selected it will ask for a pairing code, this may have been set up, if not try the default of '1234':



Once this has been set up Windows will add the device drivers and after a short period of time the device will be available for use.

Once it is set up you can use a program like PuTTy or Realterm to communicate directly with the device.

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