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How do i reprogram my MIAC?

Firstly make sure you have installed the latest MIAC Driver, this can usually be found on our learning centre here:


Next get the latest version of Mloader from the Learning Center linked above. Run the file "mloader.exe" and plug in your MIAC device. NOTE: Do not have any OTHER Matrix device in while you plug in your MIAC.


Once mloader is open on the computer and the MIAC is plugged in you should then get this screen in mloader:



If mloader did not detect the MIAC we need to put it in bootloader mode by pressing the RESET button, this should hopefully get your MIAC into the state as shown above.


Next we need to load the hex file into mLoader, we do this by clicking on the button with the three small dots "..." next to the File Name box. Doing this will allow you to browse through your file system and select the hex file you want to upload.


Next, press the "Send" button to send the hex file to the device.


Finally to disconnect the MIAC from mloader once the file has sent, you can press the "Execute" button and then disconnect the USB cable.


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