Matrix - CoCo Crashes while searching COM ports
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CoCo Crashes while searching COM ports

Software : CoCo - All Versions

Symptoms :

CoCo locking up during startup whilst checking for interfaces.

Cause :

If you have a Bluetooth or other Comms device that is using a number of COM ports (e.g. Bluetooh using Ports 3-22 etc.) then CoCo may be unable to check those COM ports and may jam.

Solution :

What you basically need to do is get CoCo to not check the COM ports that the Bluetooth or other device is tying up.

Assuming you have the Box on COM 1 or 2 as is generally the case you can fix the problem as detailed below.

Solution A:
To fix it first turn off or unplug the Bluetooth or other device that is jamming CoCo.

Open CoCo and go to the Administrative Options screen (password "matrix"). Go to the COM tab and set Max COM port check to 2. IF you know the device to be on a different port to 1 or 2 you may need to set it to that number as Max port.

You can then turn the Bluetooth or any other COM devices back on and check that CoCo is now working.

Solution B:
An alternative solution is to find out which COM port is being used by the CoCo box (if you are using a serial control box), and then set the option ?Override COM port..Set COM port to XX? appropriately. This will ensure that CoCo only checks this particular COM port.

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