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CoCo Speech Problems

Software : CoCo V2 and CoCo V3

Symptoms :

The speech for CoCo is not working.

Cause :

The CoCo speech module uses the Microsoft speech engine. Either this needs updating or there is a problem with its operation.

Solution :

There are a few possible fixes for this problem.

1. Install the 2 files located in the "SpeechAPI" directory of the CoCo CD.
2. Goto Windows control panel -> Speech and try to preview voice. If this does not work then there is not much hope for getting CoCo working. Try changing the voice and see if this helps to get it working.
3. If changing the voice worked and CoCo can speak but then does not work the next time you run it then there is a registry fix available from this location.

CoCo Speech Registry Fix
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2015-03-31 14:57
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