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Manual offline license activation for Flowcode

This FAQ is for Flowcode 6, click to see the Flowcode 7 Manual Activation.


1)      First you will need to log in to your account via this link using your Matrix username and password:


2)      Secondly you will need to go the manual registration page here:




3)      Download the Licence key file and make a note of the Flowcode Username and Activation Key.


4)      Load up Flowcode


5)      Go to Help >> Activate


6)      Select the “Manual Activation”



7)      Enter the Flowcode Username at the top, copy and paste the entire key (including (=====Start key===== and =====End key=====) into the box provided




8)      Click the “…” button and point the dialogue box at the “Licence Key File” downloaded earlier.


9)      Click the “Activate” button


Flowcode should restart and the new licence applied.


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