Matrix - ECIO not programming correctly

ECIO not programming correctly

Hardware : ECIO28p, ECIO40P

Symptoms :

Unable to reprogram the ECIO devices using the ECIOProg tool.

Cause :

This could be the result of a driver conflict or a incorrect Windows setting.

Solution :

Firstly start the ECIOProg Tool by browsing to your Flowcode V3 directory (normally C:\Program Files\Matrix Multimedia\Flowcode V3\) and opening the ECIOProg.exe file.

Next open up device manager by right clicking My Computer and selecting properties, Clicking on the Hardware Tab and Clicking the Device manager button.

Once in the device manager expand the section named Universal Serial Bus Controllers and insert your ECIO device. If the drivers have been installed correctly then you should see the following.

If you do not see the item in the device manager the make sure that the jumper on the ECIO is set to USB.

If you do not see the item in the ECIOProg software then right click the device in device manager and select uninstall. Then unplug and replug the ECIO from the USB and reinstall the most recent drivers from our website.


If both the device manager and the ECIOProg can see the ECIO device but you are still unable to reprogram then right click the ECIO in the device manager and goto the power management tab. In here untick the box that allows Windows to power down the device and click OK.

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2015-03-31 12:18
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