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Fully Activating Flowcode v4/5

Firstly please ensure you are using the latest version of Flowcode before starting


Flowcode requires THREE pieces of information to fully activate and be permanently working on your computer.

- License Key
- Username
- Activation Key

The License Key can be found on the CD case of your purchased software or online in your Matrix account.



The Activation Key can also be found in your Matrix account, in the 'view licenses' section.

***IMPORTANT – Once you have put in the License Key either via the installer or afterwards, this will activate a 30 day trial on your software, within these 30 days it is expected that you activate your software using the Username and Activation Key during these 30days***

Clean Installation of Flowcode:

Installing Flowcode on a computer that has never had the software on it before is known as a clean install. This walkthrough will guide you through on how to activate your software.

1) Put your CD into the drive (or run the installer) and start the installation procedure. Accept the UAC* for admin privileges.

2) Near the end of the installation procedure the software will ask you to enter a product key, this key it is referring to is the License Key that is on the inside of the CD case. You can enter this now and skip to step 4)

3) If you did not enter your License-key then you will need to load up Flowcode.

Click OK on the nag screen, then click on Enter Key, Accept the UAC* for admin privileges.




When you have clicked on Enter key it will take you to the RegMe.exe app which looks like the picture below.



This is where you put your License information, first you need to click the TOP padlock to get it into an unlock state as shown in the above picture

Now you need to write in your License key. Once this is done click the Apply button. Flowcode should say “Key has been accepted”. Close down Flowcode at this point.

4) We are now going to use the Activation Key and Username to finish the Flowcode activation and get a full working product

We must now load up Flowcode again.

Click on “OK” within the nag screen till you are in Flowcode itself.

Once you are in Flowcode navigate to the Help >> Activate… section, Accept the UAC* for admin privileges.

Click on the BOTTOM padlock to allow you to type in the box and enter the key as shown in the picture below:



5) Click on the Apply button to finish the registration.

6) You can now close down Flowcode and when you try and open it again, there will be no more nag screen and your product will now be registered to your username.

*UAC stands for User Access Control and is a built in security measure in Windows Vista and Windows 7 - Windows XP users do not need to worry about this step.



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