Matrix - Registering Flowcode via Command Line

Registering Flowcode via Command Line

Gathering information stage:


Flowcode needs three pieces of information to register:

  1. Flowcode Username
  2. Activation Key
  3. Licence File

If registering through the internet, you simply type in your Matrix username and password and this information is passed to Flowcode automatically. To manually register however we will need to acquire this information from the Matrix website.

First login to the Matrix account here:


Then visit this page here to gain access to your Flowcode internal details:

OR for V7

OR for V8


When you get to this page it should look similar to the picture below (depending on Flwocode version):


  • The first thing you will need to do is note down the ‘Flowcode Username’, highlighted in red 
  • Next download the ‘Licence File’ and rename it to basic.key
  • Finally copy and paste the ‘Activation Key’ into a text file called key.txt


So now you should have three pieces of information:


  1. Your Flowcode username noted down somewhere
  2. A file called basic.key which is your licence key file.
  3. A file called key.txt which contains only your copy and pasted activation key.


 The Registration Stage:


Now navigate to the Flowcode tools folder, this is a tool that is installed along with Flowcode and used to register the product.


The default installation location is:


(32bit) - C:\Program Files\Flowcode 6\tools\fc_licensing.exe
(64bit) - C:\Program Files (x86)\Flowcode 6\tools\fc_licensing.exe


Double clicking on this executable file will reveal the arguments needed to quiet register Flowcode.


The fc_licensing.exe file must be run under command line.

To continue load up your command line tool and navigate to the appropriate folder which contains the fc_licensing.exe.

Finally run the program with the appropriate command line parameters.

Here is an example:

Eg: In this example we have moved the key.txt file and key file to a folder on the C drive called key_folder, the user is called Flowcode User. You can however place these file anywhere you like


fc_licensing.exe -register "C:\key_folder\key.txt" "Flowcode User" "C:\Program Files\Flowcode 6\licenses\basic.key" "C:\key_folder\basic.key"


Rolling out to a Network:

To roll this out to a network we would recommend you create a batch file which would place the files in the appropriate place and copy the files to where they are needed below is an EXAMPLE:

@echo off 

set FCDIR=C:\Program Files\Flowcode 6 
set KEYDIR=\\network-place\keys 

%FCDIR%\tools\fc_licensing.exe -register "%KEYDIR%\flowcode_key.txt" "Flowcode User" "%FCDIR%\licenses\basic.key" "%KEYDIR%\basic.key" 

echo Registered with return code %ERRORLEVEL% 





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