Matrix - Why is my EB005 LCD E-block not working?

Why is my EB005 LCD E-block not working?

Hardware - EB005 LCD E-Block

Symptoms -

- LCD not working

Problems -

- LCD may have not been initialized,
- Contrast may be turned down,
- +5V Power may be wired incorrectly,
- E-Block D-Type Connector may be loose,
- Low Voltage Programming may be enabled,
- Microcontroller program may be running too fast.

Solutions -

- Make sure that the LCD is initialized eg use the flowcode LCD start macro.
- Make sure that contrast isn't too low or too high, you should be able to see faint blocks when you switch on the device.
- Make sure that there is a wire connecting '+V Out' of the MultiProgrammer to '+V' on the LCD E-Block.
- Check the E-Blocks D-Type is plugged firmly into the MultiProgrammer.
- Disable Low Voltage Programming in PPP.
- Make sure that the microcontroller is running at the correct speed.

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2015-03-31 12:05
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