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FREE Student licences

For the first time, those academic institutions and training centres who are using Flowcode can license their students for home use of Flowcode completely free of charge, as long as you remain on the latest released version.

Flowcode academic licences are available to schools, colleges, universities and training providers at a discounted rate in comparison to standard and professional licences. We offer "single user", "ten user" and "site" licence versions. Prices can be obtained by contacting us directly, or by contacting one of our worldwide distributors.

screenshot of the Arduino development kit

BTEC Level 3, unit 6

The Edexcel BTEC NQF qualification at National level (3) unit 6; Microcontroller systems for engineers, states that specific hardware and software must be used by centres in their delivery. Amongst the software that can be used is Flowcode. Users can take advantage of the graphical capabilities of Flowcode when it comes to using the Arduino or PIC hardware. In addition to Flowcode, we have two hardware kits, perfect for delivery of this unit on either Arduino or PIC, plus a FREE BTEC approved course on Microcontrollers

screenshot of the Arduino development kit

Support & Training

screenshot of the Arduino development kit

One of the huge benefits of academic and training institutions opting to work with us is the extensive support we can offer. You'll find more in the support pages of Flowcode, but if you want to know more about how you and your colleagues can benefit from using Flowcode and accessing our training courses, do not hesitate to get in touch. We are able to offer Flowcode users on-site Flowcode training, which can be delivered at your place of work/study at a competitive per day rate. Alternatively, we love having people to visit our HQ in Halifax, West Yorkshire for training.


"Flowcode has been invaluable in helping our students to gain the top grades in their Unit 6. The software does not take long to learn and there is plenty of material available to help with this, as well as excellent support from the team at Matrix. Within a week, students were producing complex programmes that would have taken a very long time to code using Python or C. The e-blocks were intuitive and really helped with the visualisation of the final outcomes. I am confident that without the flowcode software and blocks, that the students would not have achieved such excellent results in Unit 6."

Dave Ramsey, BMAT STEM Academy

"Teaching the BTEC L3 and L4 Microcontroller units to students with a mechanical engineering background using the Arduino IDE was a struggle for both the students and myself. Then I discovered Flowcode and life became so much easier. No worries about missing semicolons, round brackets where curly brackets should have been used etc. Flowcode is more than just an entry level tool to programming with the more able students tackling some really complex problems using timer interrupts, I2C peripherals and simple multi-tasking schemes."

Eastleigh College, United Kingdom

"We have been using Flowcode since 2010 in our microcontroller laboratories. Flowcode is the ideal perfect system to teach the students a systematic and organized, but simple way of programming microcontrollers. Since Flowcode covers multiple microcontroller platforms, the students are not limited to one type of microcontroller. About three years ago, we updated our control laboratory, and we started using Flowcode for digital control on dsPIC microcontrollers. Flowcode is a great educational tool, updated frequently to keep up with the newest and most advanced technologies. Many of our students use Flowcode in the design and programming of their senior embedded system design projects. They love the advanced simulation and In Circuit Testing capability of Flowcode too (Ghost Technology). I cannot explain enough my appreciation and my students' enjoyment and satisfaction of learning using Flowcode. I must also mention the prompt help and support provided by Matrix at all times. Finally, after using Flowcode for several years, flowcode proved to the best tool for programming several microcontroller platforms from entry level student projects to very advanced and sophisticated projects."

George Breidy, ECCE Laboratory Supervisor, Notre Dame University, Lebanon

"In 2015, the department of electronic engineering began using a range of E-blocks hardware solutions for specific telecommunications programs to be taught at the University. I used Flowcode for the students in a module called "Embedded Systems Engineering" (MSc and MEng module). Some students have never used microcontrollers before and they were able to use Flowcode easily for basic microcontroller based embedded system design on a ping pong game. The students moved on to use Flowcode for a project on ZigBee based wireless network system for environment monitoring. The project was very successful."

Hongying Meng, Brunel University, United Kingdom