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Introduction to the Formula AllCode

Formula AllCode is host independent and can be used with:

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What is Formula AllCode?

Formula AllCode is a complete course in robotics with an impressive specification set. The robot itself is Bluetooth enabled and can become a slave for platforms including Android and Apple devices and the Raspberry Pi. The free, accompanying course includes a range of activities with varied levels of difficulty; from simple line following to maze solving. The system runs on a 16 bit dsPIC microcontroller and is programmable from just about anything including Flowcode, MATLAB, LabVIEW, Python, App Inventor, Visual Basic/C#/C++ and more.


Win, OS X, Linux, Android

Formula AllCode with Android

Program the Formula AllCode with any Android device. Use programs such as App Inventor to develop to directly control the Formula AllCode. You can use also use many other platforms to control the buggy, such as OS X or Linux.

High spec mazes

Formula Allcode following a line

Formula AllCode uses it’s high specification of sensors to follow lines and can even solve complex mazes. We are offering maze walls and maze mat with full examples to enhance your learning experience.

Program with any code!

Formula Allcode with Raspberry Pi

Formula AllCode has a full API and can be accessed from any programming language that allows for interaction with a Bluetooth module. For example, you can easily write a Python script to control the buggy through a maze!


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