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Our Learning Centre contains all you need to know to find out and use Flowcode and E-Blocks. From here you can search to find , you will find articles, courses ranging from beginners to engineers, videos and a number of other free resources based PICmicro development.

All our datasheets are linked to the products themselves. They contain all the technical information and schematics you will need.

If you are interested in learning C progamming or Assembly code programming then please refer to the products section of our web site where you will find products for learning/teaching these subjects.


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EB8493 - Motor Control Solution Datasheet2015-08-121   PDF Icon
LK9392 - Intro to digital electronics (for LK4221)2015-08-121   PDF Icon
EB091 USB Driver2015-08-171   Drivers Icon
HP4550 Mechatronics Systems Datasheet2015-08-181   PDF Icon
LK3008 - Advanced electronic principles pt1 (for LK6804)2015-08-201   PDF Icon
LK3008 - Advanced electronic principles pt2 (for LK6804)2015-08-201   PDF Icon
LK3008 - Advanced electronic principles pt3 (for LK6804)2015-08-201   PDF Icon
LK3008 - Advanced electronic principles pt4 (for LK6804)2015-08-201   PDF Icon
MIAC Flowcode 6 Examples2015-09-111   Zip Icon
EB091 Datasheet2015-09-291   PDF Icon
EB096 Datasheet2015-10-091   PDF Icon
EB097 Datasheet2015-10-091   PDF Icon
LK3008 - Advanced electronic principles Intro (for LK6804)2015-10-131   PDF Icon
Matrix Catalogue 20152015-10-131   PDF Icon
Matrix Catalogue 20162016-01-061   PDF Icon
LK4098 - Electrical Installation 1 (for LK5000)2016-01-081   PDF Icon
Flowkit v2 USB Driver2016-01-111   Drivers Icon
Flowkit v2 Datasheet2016-01-111   PDF Icon
LK4403 - Transistor Amplifier (for LK9435 & LK9422)2016-01-291   PDF Icon
EB006v9 Test Routine2016-02-081   Zip Icon
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