Communication problem with flowcode robots

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kris Werbrouck
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Communication problem with flowcode robots

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I have 13 old formula flowcode robots, 5 new robots en 10 EB006 boards
I used flowocde 3 for 5 years and have no problem
I have now new computers and old computers with flowcodeV3 and V5.
With the new computers I have a great problem with de flowcode robots (old and new) I have no problem with the EB006 boards.
I connect the robots to the computers and have normally no problem, the two leds on the robot blinks alternately.
When a reset the robot to send a new program to the robot, the two leds blinks sometimes together an I must restart the computer.

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Re: Communication problem with flowcode robots

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If you hold down the reset button on the formula flowcode for a couple of seconds before releasing then it should solve the issue. Basically the USB needs time to eject the old device before allowing a new device to enumerate.

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