Flowcode 6 Component Macro's

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Luk C
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Flowcode 6 Component Macro's

Post by Luk C »

I've just started with Formula Flowcode and Flowcode programming and find it difficult to figure out how most of the Component Macro's (CheckIR, Forward, ...) work in Flowcode 6. Where can I find more information (a list,...) that tells me what numbers I need to fill in and what kind of return value I can expect? Sometimes the pop-up information is accurate, sometimes it's not precise enough.

For example:
- ReadSwitch(<number>) ... what number will adress which Switch and what kind of return value will I get (in this case, I suppose 0 or 1)?
- ReadIRSensor(<number>) ... I figured out that 'number' must be 'L', 'F' or 'R' but am still confused about the return value...
- etc.


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Re: Flowcode 6 Component Macro's

Post by medelec35 »

Hi Luk,
I don't own a formula flowcode buggy so won't be able to answer many questions relating to it.
But have you been to this page and downloaded sample flowcharts along with Circuit Schematic.
together should be enough to get you going util matrix staff are back to work on Monday.

Even though sample flowcharts was created with Flowcode V4, which you can open with V6

To do that select Open then select the Flowcode project files (*.fcfx)
Scroll down one to Flowcode for PIC files (*.fcf)
Finally select the flowchart and open.
A flowchart will be saved as the same file name but with _v6.fcfx automatically added.

Hope I have been some help, but sorry can't offer much more.


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Re: Flowcode 6 Component Macro's

Post by DavidA »


There are also some V6 examples listed on the Formula Flowcode component wiki page:

http://www.matrixtsl.com/wiki/index.php ... tronics%29

Most of byte values for the Formula Flowcode can differ between different buggies, it is a good idea to do some trial and error with a lot of the power values. If you are stuck then post your flowchart here.

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