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DLL Version

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There is a slightly newer DLL version that contains two new functions.

One function allows all of the common sensors of the Formula AllCode robot to be read in a single Bluetooth transaction. The other allows the various sensor readings to be collected at high speed from local RAM memory.
DECLDIR void FA_ReadAllSensors( unsigned char Port );
DECLDIR unsigned int FA_ReadAllValue( unsigned char index );
Here are the new .dll, .lib and .h files.
(14.86 KiB) Downloaded 389 times
The new functions are also available in the Formula AllCode API component which is also attached here.
(73.4 KiB) Downloaded 437 times
For the Flowcode component to work correctly the new component.fcfx file must be placed in the "Flowcode 7/components" folder and the DLL file must be placed into the "Flowcode 7/components/dll" folder.

You may also need to re-program your Formula AllCode robot with the latest firmware file located here.

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