C for ARM E-blocks starter kit problem

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C for ARM E-blocks starter kit problem

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I was just setting up my new C for ARM E-blocks starter kit and I can't seem to get the board to work. I mean, I plug in the USB port and then turn the power switch to On, but though the power LED comes on, nothing else happens. Supposedly, my PC should detect the board and try to install the USB drivers, but this never happens and the board is not detected. Any ideas?

Okay, the board itself seems to be working as I can hook up the LED board and it cycles through all the LEDs. When I plug in the USB cable though it is not detected by Windows 7 and does not bring up the hardware wizard to install the drivers. One other thing. I tried plugging the board into a Windows XP machine and I get the same result.


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Re: C for ARM E-blocks starter kit problem

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Please can you confirm if the I/O / USB jumper is in the USB position? I think you then have to press and release the reset button for the bootloader to fire up. This should last for 5-6 seconds before returning to the demo program. The new bootloader is a HID device so no driver should be needed.

This support topic may help.
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