BL0080 + ICSP problem

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BL0080 + ICSP problem

Post by fotios »

Hi everyone
I have an application PCB with target micro the PIC16F18877/PT in TQFP44 package. The PCB includes an ICSP header.
From my BL0080 board, I have removed the PDIP40 PIC16F18877/P for making an effort to flash the TQFP44 via its ICSP header.
I tried to flash a small FC7 project to the target (just to blink some onboard LEDs) without success.
I also tried to flash the hex file with Mloader without success.
I receive always from the compiler the error message that the program cannot be verified.
The code is not flashed at all, I checked the micro and is always blank.
However, the Mloader can autodetect the micro.
I tried then to flash the hex file with the MPLAB IPE and PICkit 3 with success.
Thus the hardware (headers, cables etc) and the configuration of PIC micro, are correct.

The only issue that I could see, is that in the PDIP40 micro the ICSP CLK and ICSP DATA are allocated at pins 39 - 40, while in the
TQFP44 are allocated at pins 16 - 17 respectively. Is that problem?


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Re: BL0080 + ICSP problem

Post by Benj »

Hello Fotios,

The ICSP header on the BL0080 board is designed to allow you to program the target MCU using a PICkit. It is not really designed for allowing an external MCU to be connected and programmed via mLoader but this doesn't mean it's impossible.

If the auto detect is working then you must be fairly close.

Can you decrease the length of your cable as this could potentially be causing the issues.

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