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For E-blocks user to discuss using E-blocks and programming for them.

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HP1110 & HP4829 Boards

Post by Steve001 »

Evening All

Received a pair of these boards and have a few questions.

I am presuming that they have an entry under V7 as a device ? Where are they located as i cannot seam to find them.

Do i need the Itanium drivers again that i use for the ECIO's (ex server as pc)

The VB programs that are in the example files what software do i require will Visual Studio 2019 do the job ?


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Re: HP1110 & HP4829 Boards

Post by Benj »

Hi Steve,

You can find the boards here.
PIC -> Misc
StudentBoards.jpg (63.62 KiB) Viewed 1347 times
Yes the Itanium drivers will be required for server CPUs, however I believe the student and project board are HID devices and so do not require device drivers.

Visual studio 2019 should work fine with the VB examples.

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