Using a Alphanumeric LCD EB005 on a long lead

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Using a Alphanumeric LCD EB005 on a long lead

Postby Benj » Mon May 17, 2010 12:05 pm

A LCD on a long cable will probably have severe corruption of data due to the connections starting to have the characteristics of a transmission line. That is resistance, inductance and capacitance start to play a role and signals start to be reflected without correct termination.

- 10k pull down resistors on the pic side and on the lcd side,
- 80 ohm resisters in series with all the data lines on the lcd side , eliminate ''reflection'
- DB 15 ribbon cable with a GND line in-between separating each data line ,to eliminate ''cross talk''.

This enabled the LCD to run on a 2m ribbon cable perfectly.
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