Display PD4437 anf FLOWCODE V3

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Display PD4437 anf FLOWCODE V3

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Dear All:
I bought a “Intelligent 4-Character 5x7 Dot Matrix Alphanumeric Display” OSRAM PD4437 for test, but I not sure how to work it, The Display uses 8 pins for data (From D0 to D7) and 7 for control, I made a test but It does not work, could you be so kindly to check, I not sure I’m in the right track
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Re: Display PD4437 anf FLOWCODE V3

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It looks like your starting out on the right track. I would use one of the ports for data like you are doing and then I would use the output icon in single bit mode to control the individual control lines. In the device datasheet should be a startup routine that must be run to initialise the device, If you tailor your program to try and follow this then that is probably the easiest way to get up and running.

You will find that one part of the program is repeated often eg putting a byte onto the data line and then clocking an enable control line. This code can then go into a software macro where you can specify the data and then the control lines fire automatically.

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