Ili9341 and XPT2046 testprogram!

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Ili9341 and XPT2046 testprogram!

Post by jgu1 »

Hi all!

For a while I have working with a project with the above component. To find out of the coordinate value I have created a little testprogram.

The way you create a button is you create a rectangle the size you want. To find out where you have to read the value of the X and Y inside this buttom you can use this program.

To set the limit for X and Y where to use the button I have done my in testprogram, is If : X < 70 AND X > 45 AND Y < 94 AND Y > 35 Then do.
(maybe there is an easyer way to set the limit)

Enable or disable the Macro "Readout" for what you want too see.

I have made this in FC8 because I have to use it in an another project in FC8. I suppose it work in FC9 too :wink: Anyway, I will made a testprogram In FC9 later.
I may say, the Ili9341 together with XPT2046 work exellent, perfect. Thank´s MM team. :D
I have used a STM32F042 in the testproram I am sure other works too. This device is fairly fast with the Ili9341. Notice how I have set the config for the XPT2046 properties.

Hope this could help if you play with this display.

Br Jorgen
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