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Ben has been kind to make a Nokia 5110 component for me / us. In this regard, I have made a small program you can use for test. And I like to share.

Get the Nokia 5110 component for FC7 here: viewtopic.php?f=63&t=18985

These display are very cheap, few dollar each, and they seem to work very well. (Ok, mono color, but still fancy).

The program is made with a DHT22 sensor which measure temp and humidity. So also the DHT22 component in FC7 work perfect.
I used an Arduino Mega2560 ( not tested on other component yet.) The display switch between 3 picture as shown in att. picture. (Not allowed to upload all 3 picture).
Use it as an example and maybe get some ideas, and see how I have done. always easyer to get some examble. :lol:
The screen is much nicer and sharper contrast in real world , compared to the picture.

Br Jorgen.
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