Unable to Program AVR chip with FC4

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Unable to Program AVR chip with FC4

Post by lounginghound »

Hi all,

I am experiencing a problem with FC4 not being able to program to the chip.
1) I am using the AVRISPMKII programmer and I know this works because it runs fine under Studio 5 and Studio 6
2) I know the driver compatibility problem so I'm using the Jungo driver and want to use the STK500 program mode
3) I know that FC4 cannot find the STK500 programmer (looking at all the other related posts)
4) I am running Windows 7 Professional 64bit
5) When I try to browse to the programmer tool in the Chip -Compiler options menu, there is no .exe file in the STK500 folder, only .xml file. This is the same for both Studio 5 and Studio 6. Yet Studio 5 when installed on my old system (Windows XP 32bit) had the .exe file in the folder.

Looking through the forums it seems while others have also experienced problems, they have all been different to a degree and not the same as my specific experience of the file names.

So how do I work around this?


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Re: Unable to Program AVR chip with FC4

Post by DavidA »

In the most basic terms at the moment, we havent figured out a way for Flowcode to work with AVR Studio 6, in previous versions of AVR Studio, the STK500 program was outside the main exe and could be called with command line parameters, as it stands in AVR Studio 6 this is currently not possible, as they have replaced the standalone exe with a simple xml file which presumably just holds some external data.

I will give it a brief look later today as there may be a way to call the STK500 programmer via command line and pointing at the main exe.

The only other option would be to switch to the AVRDUDE programmer or go back to AVR Studio 5, or there maybe a way to get a standalone exe of the STK500 programmer and call it that way, although i think (not 100% sure) that weve tried this and failed.

I will try do some research on this when i have some time later.

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