Compiler problems.

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Compiler problems.

Post by E*2Engineer »

Hello anyone,
I am not having any problems compiling and programming programs from a past installation of V4.0.
But my compiled programs are not running on my 16f877a now.
Is V4.5? Or do I have some settings wrong?
Attached is my program, and the compiler error messages.
All old programs are running fine when downloaded to PIC. (V4.0)
Thanks in advance,
Craig C
FC program not compiling correctly
FC program not compiling correctly
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Re: Compiler problems.

Post by Kenrix2 »

I don't see any errors in the compiler message, it says success. As for it not working on your chip, maybe double check you configuration settings, the LCD component macro connections setting. Sometimes adding a 100ms to 200ms delay before LCD initialize display helps with slow starting display modules. Also, just try toggling a port pin at 1/2 second intervals and double check that the timing is correct in hardware. Try a different port for the lcd connections (like port B instead of port A), see it that helps.
Good luck.

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