SST39SF010A programming

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Lord Grezington
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SST39SF010A programming

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I need someone who can write the flowcode program to write and read variables into the SST39SF010A.

It needs to be proven to work on hardware, I am happy to send some devices to you if you cant sourse them.

Project is urgent, so a fast turn around time would be required.

Please send me a PM with your estimated costs and leadtimes.

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Re: SST39SF010A programming

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Not sure if you've had a reply or not but the device looks simple enough, I could maybe make a Flowcode component for it for you to play with. If that works then fine, if not then you can send me some hardware to try and debug.

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Re: SST39SF010A programming

Post by kersing »

Hi Ben,

I’m working on this already, my hardware should arrive tomorrow.


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