problem with WIZNET WIZ550io instead of WIZ810MJ

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problem with WIZNET WIZ550io instead of WIZ810MJ

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I'm trying to connect a WIZ550io with W5500 from WIZNET to a PIC controller, using flowcode V5.5
I have connected it via the ISP connections, just like you do for the WIZ810MJ on the EB023 V2 board.
The only differents is that I use resistors in stead of a MAX3002 for level shifting from 5V to 3.3V (I know that this should work from an other project).

I have downloaded the easy_web server application into the PIC18F4455 controller from a FFrobot (see attached).

When I connect the WIZNET module via a crossed UTP cable to my laptop, and I do a ping instruction in the command prompt line to the default I still have no connection. I can also not look via explorer to the webpages on the same IP adres.

I disconnected my wireless internet connection while trying to setup connection via the ethernet port.

Can you help me out with this problem?

thanks in advanced.

Frank Marchal
easy webserver code with modifications for the FFrobot.
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