Looking for an experienced Flowcode programmer

For anyone wishing to receive additional help with a project or simply looking to hire an embedded contractor we have a few contacts who would be more then willing to help.

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Looking for an experienced Flowcode programmer

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We are thinking of automating a process using the Matrix Miac Controller.
We already have one machine which uses this controller succesfully.
This machine was build in Belgium by ourselves and the process controller was build with Miac.
We however did not build the controller, just described what it should do.

At this moment we are no longer present in Belgium, so we are trying online to find someone to help.
The process involves 2 stages at which a sensor detects an object, a delay setting and a speed setting for a stepper motor.
The cycle needs to be started by a sensor detecting an object, then after a preset delay it should start a stepper motor for which will be stopped again by another sensor detecting an object. Then this process will start all over again endless unless stopped. Along with this cycle there is also need for a setting for speed of an electric motor which will have a constant speed in this process. There should be the possibilty to set several such cycles with different speed/delay settings.

Should anyone be interested in helping us out here (against payment of course) please reply to this topic or by pm.
Thanks in advance.

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