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Jari - Freelance embedded software and pcb design

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:47 pm
by EtsDriver
Schooled to be ICT-assembler, working full time as a electronics tester and as a web-based application manager.
Over 10 years of experience from electronics. About 6 of those from programming.
Currently I’m working in company that makes trace heating solutions.

Things I’m skilled with:

PCB design/layout (2 and 4 layer boards. Im using Altium Circuit Studio.)
Flowcode (Professional license for PIC16, PIC and AVR)
Different PLC ladder logics (Siemens Logo, Schneider Modicon M221-series)
System design
Autodesk Inventor
Some say I create good documentation :lol:

Languages (level):
Finnish (native)
English (fluent, technical)
Swedish (I can order a cola, might get anything :roll: )

Contact through email: info (at)