Required -VB.Net Generic User Interface to Flowcode Hardware

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Required -VB.Net Generic User Interface to Flowcode Hardware

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Hi Guys,
Overview: Write a clean and reliable interface in Visual Studio that will allow data to be sent and received over USB with the ECIO range of devices.
I would prefer a fixed price, per stage process.
I am reasonably flexible on timescale but keen to progress this soon.

I'm working on several projects and due to limited time, this project is not progressing at the rate I would like so time to bring in some additional help!

I use mainly ECIO28, ECIO40 and ECIO40P (dsPIC) in various projects, typically I need to enter variables and read back data from the hardware.
This is currently done with a i2C keypad and i2C 4x20 LCD. This works but is not ideal or suitable from the end customer. I have previously made a simple visual basic program to send and receive data from an ECIO40P but it was quite flaky and looked pretty clunky. My Flowcode is reasonable, my VB.Net is near zero!!

I am looking for a standalone PC based application, that will reliably connect and interface with external ECIO hardware and allow both user values to be sent to the device and values to be read back.
I would like to have a common interface that does the communications, some connection diagnostics and other generic features that we can discuss and are deemed useful.
Then a User 'panel' that can be saved or loaded, this will hold the project specific interface, I intend to improve my VB.Net and learn how to skin this section for my self so that I can customise (using Visual Studio) a panel for each project.

Apologies if my description is not clear enough. If you are a confident VB.Net coder and think you can produce a reliable application please do get in touch to discuss further. Regards, John.
John Wedlake @ Tech Engineering Systems Ltd.

If this project works well, we work on lots of projects so good engineering support is very useful for the future projects as well!!

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