Circuit Design and PCB layout for existing concept design

For anyone wishing to receive additional help with a project or simply looking to hire an embedded contractor we have a few contacts who would be more then willing to help.

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Jay Dee
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Circuit Design and PCB layout for existing concept design

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Hey FreeLance Engineers!
I have a back ground project that has slowed down due to customer projects taking priority but I really need to get it back on track!

Stage one: I am looking for someone with good Digital Circuit design and PCB layout skills.
Including an understanding of mechanical packaging and cost effective production considerations.

Stage Two: My intent is to cover most of the Embedded (flowcode) and PC software myself but if I find the right technical partner, I may request further support with this.

The design would need to support the following features;

PIC controller, with integrated USB and CAN. (already have a pic in mind)
SPI Interface to a LoRa Tranciever Module. (RF Solutions unit already selected )
Single Wire data and power to short LED strip.
CAN Interface.
USB interface for User and Programming via boot loader.
On-board battery and recharging. ( possibly external if we had too )
ICSP interface for initial programming and debugging.

I have made several proof-of-concept devices but I think my high-speed layout is less than ideal. USB to PC comms and programming via the boot loader proved erratic. I think my balanced signal layout for the LoRa RF signal was also not optimal !

The final customer base will demand small size and low weight. I have made fairly compact versions with external batteries but I am targeting nearer 80mm x 40mm x 20mm external size. The intention is to probably use an SLA RP enclosure.
I am looking for someone with a proven track record and good communication skills in English. We have a sensible (but not limitless) budget, I would suggest a staged approach with agreed goals and time frame.
If you feel the you have the skills to confidently tackle the above challenges, please PM me and lets have a chat.
Regards, John.

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Re: Circuit Design and PCB layout for existing concept design

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Hello John
I sent you a private message.

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