Q: Proton Robot

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Q: Proton Robot

Post by Rudi »

Hi Guys
i have seen this today in a picture and price.
- is there a promo video available?
is there detail data , Weight , Height , width , Size and so on?
looks nice ;-)
Best wishes

Edit: Found this:

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Re: Q: Proton Robot

Post by Benj »

Hi Rudi,

Its a product designed and created by a guy in Belgium called Bart Huyskens and sold via Elektor. Bart is a good friend of Matrix and Flowcode and this is why we are offering his robot on our website also.

I don't have any further specifics other than the height is probably around 25cm and the width is around 20cm. It is a very nice and module based robot with multiple processors to control things like the wheel drivers and encoders and then one central processor to control all of the auxiliary processors.

You might be able to find some more info here: http://www.elektor.com/110263-71-proton ... mplete-kit

Otherwise I would suggest you email Elektor for further information.

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