Regarding locktronics, measuring ampere, voltage and ohm

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Regarding locktronics, measuring ampere, voltage and ohm

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Hello. I am not sure I can wirte down my question here but let me try.

I am using a locktronics and when I install series/parrell circuit to measure ohm, voltage, and current, the calcuation V=IR is not matched. for example, I got 6V and 2 ohm and the current must be 3A but what I got is 0.3A which is very low. I assume there is some hidden resistance but couldn't find anything in anywere. I tried to make closed circuit without any resistance but I still get only 0.3A somehow(it must burn the ciurcuit!).

could you help me????

Thank you.


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Re: Regarding locktronics, measuring ampere, voltage and ohm

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Hello Josh,

What current is the power supply rated to generate?

Also do you have a fuse in the chain somewhere, our DC/AC power supply carriers have poly fuses underneath which will kick in at around 1A and provide the 'hidden' resistance.

6V at 3A is 18 Watts, Can your 2 Ohm resistor cope with this much power? If not then it will get very hot and probably end up damaging itself either by going open circuit or by increasing resistance.

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