i like this dog ;)

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i like this dog ;)

Post by Rudi »

and i want it in next time.

life fun
video link: my favorite dog

best wishes
rudi ;-)


be warned:
video link: but be warned from this dog - this is an angry dog :)

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Re: i like this dog ;)

Post by Benj »

Boston Dynamics have been churning out some very good (jaw dropping) robotics for the last few years.

I think many dogs and mules have made their home out in the battlefield and the use of robotics is only going to increase from here. I personally would like to see a horse :)

The little dog is quite cool, not seen that one.

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Re: i like this dog ;)

Post by Slobodan »

Снимак екрана направљен 2017-10-23 18-01-19.png
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