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Matrix Online Courses

Post by DavidA »

Welcome to the Matrix Online Courses subforum!

One of the new additions to our site are our online courses, many years ago, Matrix used to be a CD publisher for schools. First Geography, then Maths, Electronics and Embedded Programming. But then the Internet arrived and content like this became free, so we began to produce electronic learning resources.

However, many years of development went into our range of CDs and we are proud of what we achieved. We have decided to begin to make this content available on our website.

This subforum is an area for users of these resources to discuss the course, highlight any problems or mistakes with the courses, or suggest amendments or updates.

We hope you enjoy these learning resources.

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Argus Tuft
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Re: Matrix Online Courses

Post by Argus Tuft »

Nice work folks,

This electronics course is certainly a cut above generally available web content of this nature; both in content and the nice way you've managed to deceptively simplify the presentation of the underlying principles. It should help minimise the student fear factor and is an obvious reflection of the quality of your original work.



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Re: Matrix Online Courses

Post by bmbrown »

David, hope you can help with a two part question,there appears to be no "post a question" icon at the top or bottom of the screen for "online tutorials" that show a reader on that screen full of posts how to post a question in the "online tutorial topics"
I am in need of the authors of the online tuts for flowcode 5 to read their own tuts and insert the missing page of info on passing parameter variable values from an output to a macro called flash
If there is not a way to post that question in online tuts for them can you kindly pass this request on to them for the flowcode 5 series of tuts for the 16F1937 pic chip tutorial chapter titled "more efficient macros" which appears towards the end section of that tutorial
Question is this
in the section they outline a series of step to first incorportate the left blinker and right blinker legs for a decision node as macros called "LEFT" and "RIGHT" then outline the idea for making two macros into one macro using a macro called flash and a parameter called whichone
the macro called "flash" is described and is created and includes a parameter called whichone
BUT then they then omit what appears to be an entire page of the instruction that begins with........ create a output linked to port B

I was able to logic out the flowcode output icon should go at the head of the main flowcode although they did not say so but the missing instructions that enables the output for that output port B icon when double clicked to display a link to the variable flash.whichone was not described .. the next instructions on that page of the tutorial suddenly display a drop down look at their local variables for that "output to port B" showing the flash macro and the link to the parameter whichone in an hierarchial table but no preceding explanation of how they achieved that parsing inside the output fields that display the parsing authority for that output port flowcode they simply say ..see here it is ( and presumably it out for yourself how it was done)
attempts to open the variable box for that "output" icon in their flowcode and insert whichone fail... because it cant find it in the variable tables for the program... attempts to type in flash.whichone as per their text wording also fail to solve it and attempts to create the heirarchial table they show in the local variables icon as a table with the word flash at the top of the chain as per their screen also end in failure
as that parsing authority technique was never discussed in any earlier tut sections it makes it very difficult to show others how to do it till I can find a worked example or a decription of the mouse clicks needed when
(a) I open the table for that port B ouput at the head of the main flowcode program for a macro and
(b) make it presumably display a parameter or variable linked to one that parses its value to a another section of the main program or a subr equivalent or wherever.
the missing page of instructions in that tut would be a great help
Hope I have detailed the tutorial section and the problem clear enough bro

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