16(L)F178x family

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16(L)F178x family

Post by echase »

Any plans to add any of the 16(L)F178x family especially the middle of the range like 16F1786? These have a 12bit ADC instead of the more usual 10 bit so I wanted to use one.

Or is there a PIC with 12bit ADC with 20 – 28 pins that you do cover?

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Re: 16(L)F178x family

Post by brandonb »

18f26k80 has 12bit adc, its a 28 pin, this chip does have some funny configuration and does require the low esr capacitor. on the other spectrum microchip offers some spi based adc's wtih 8,10,12 bit resolution. when you search their site your looking for successive aproximation adc's. things that are spi controlled like dac's, adc's, sram, eeprom are easy to use. 12bit adc's do require a good board design to operate properly

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