spi can not compile

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spi can not compile

Post by nnnnff »

spi can not compile.
(21.97 KiB) Downloaded 75 times
.Please help me. thank you

Starting preprocessor: C:\PROGRA~2\Flowcode\v5\Tools\boostc\pp.exe spi.c -i C:\PROGRA~2\Flowcode\v5\Tools\boostc\include -d _PIC16F886 -la -c2 -o spi.pp -v -d _BOOSTC -d _PIC16 -d _CHAR_INDEX

spi.c(296): "Chip does not have SPI capability"

1 errors detected
Error: preprocessing error

Return code = 1
Flowcode was unable to compile the flowchart's C code due to the following errors:

If your flowchart contains C code, please review this carefully. If your flowchart contains no C-code or you have thoroughly reviewed the code, contact Technical Support.


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spi can not work

Post by nnnnff »

Spi can work well in v4; But it doesn't work very well in v5. Why is that?

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Re: spi can not compile

Post by Benj »


Hmm I'm not sure why this isn't working correctly. Looks like maybe a device specific bug.

v5 is now well out of support but you can add the following to your supplementary code via the project options to get the program to compile.

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#define MX_SPI
#define SPI_CKE 0
#define SPI_SSPM 0
#define SPI_SMP 0
#define SPI_CKP 0

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