Greater flexibility

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Greater flexibility

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Hi !

I don't know if somebody already say that but I think it would be great if we could setup ourself the hardware peripheral used by a component.
For exemple, If i use the xbee component, setup myself the baudrate or the spi speed and polarity of spi peripheral used by the accelerometer will be more flexible in case of there are several component on the same lines.

I think it is not too hard to put an initialisation at the top of program to setup the hardware and an another initialisation to send the init command needed to the component.

What do you think ?

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Re: Greater flexibility

Post by JonnyW »


Flexibility is always an issue - there has to be a trade off between flexibility and simplicity for all Flowcode components. That said future Flowcode versions should allow you to customize pretty much what you like, and easily add to and build up existing components to change both their downloadable and simulation code.



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